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Throughout the years, Impresub has gained valuable skills and experience in hydrographic and geophysical survey management..

The Company employs a broad range of “state-of-the-art” technology which allows a high quality and effective execution of:

  • Desktop studies

  • Analogue and Digital Well Site Survey

  • Geophysical Route and Area survey

  • Pre-engineering, Pre-lay and Post-lay Pipeline, Cable and Umbilical Route survey

  • Seabed Inspection survey

  • As-laid and As-built survey

  • Shallow Geotechnical Investigation (Grab samples, Gravity Corer, Piston Corer, Vibro Corer and CPT)

  • Land Topographic survey

  • Environmental and Oceanographic measurements

  • Positioning assistance

  • Data evaluation & Processing (online/offline)


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