In 1967 Mr. G.B. Coradello established I.D.M.C. s.r.l. (IMPRESUB DIVING and MARINE CONTRACTOR) as a private company offering diving services mainly in lakes and dams. Impresub then expanded towards marine diving operations and survey services in shallow water offering its services to the major cable and communication national companies (Pirelli, ENEL).

Besides developing in deep diving intervention in Italy, Impresub started to work for Petrobel Belayim Petroleum Co, one of the leading oil and gas Egyptian companies and in 1978 Impresub established its first abroad branch in Egypt.

During the 80’s Impresub widen its services to the major Italian communication and oil & gas companies. At the same time it was strengthening also its diving and hydrographic survey services in the Egyptian water for Petrobel Belayim Petroleum Co. especially in the Gulf of Suez, Sinai Peninsula, where an operational base was established.

In this decade Impresub established Impresub International LLC in Egypt and IDMC Overseas FZE in the U.A.E.  During this period, stimulated by the several successful projects of Protection and Trenching of subsea cables and pipelines, Impresub started to develop new trenching technology with the aim of improving its performance and services level to the Client.

At the beginning of the millennium Impresub reviewed its strategy focusing the core-activities in deep water diving, R.O.V. and Post-trenching works.
In 2007 and 2008 four new subsidiaries were opened; Impresub Venezuela in Caracas, Impresub Libya in Tripoli, Impresub Nigeria headquartered in Lagos and Impresub Angola in Luanda.