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Over the years, Impresub has earned extensive experience in the pipelines and cables trenching and protection services. This background, combined with skilled engineers and experienced project managers, has generated an important evolution in its policy and core business strategy driving the Company to dedicate consistent investment in the underwater technology.


  • Submarine burial and trenching equipment can be tailored to suit any customer/project requirements. To date, more than 1.000 km of pipeline trenching up to 42” O.D. and over 1000 km cable burial worldwide project have been successfully completed by Impresub.

  • Impresub avails itself of a R&D department capable of designing and manufacturing PTMs dedicated to great diameters pipelines and/or special projects.

  • Specialised state-of-the-art equipment allows efficient interventions both in deep and shallow waters.

  • High pressure water jetting machines (dedicated to loose soil), and mechanical trenching machine (dedicated to cemented soils and rock formations) can be upgraded and adapted to face particular geological conditions.

  • All the PTMs are equipped with a wide range of sensors and tools allowing the Pilot to have a full and “in real time” control

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