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Non Destructive Test is a non invasive inspection methodology implemented to verify and quantify the integrity of a single component or the safety of an entire structure.

Impresub provides a wide range of NDT services:

  • GVI – General Visual Inspection

  • CVI – Close Visual Inspection

  • MGM – Marine Growth Measurement

  • MPI – Magnetic Particle Inspection

  • CPM – Cathodic Protection Measurement

  • WTM – Wall Thickness Measurement

  • FMD – Flood Member Detection

  • ACFM – Alternating Current Field Measurement

  • UWILD – Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry-docking

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NDT (Non Destructive Test) – SUBSEA PEC TECHNOLOGY

The Subsea-PEC is an Impresub patented tool to determine corrosion status and average wall thickness measurement of inspection structures.

The Subsea PEC system can turn around the pipe to cover every position.

Subsea-PEC is applicable on any structure and is capable of taking measures without cleaning and removing the coating protection.

PEC data acquisition : data acquisition and processing is completely automatic, with an immediate 2D RAW color plot result


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